Software Developer (Intern)

Pune, Maharashtra
Work Type: Internship

About the company:

Enerlly is an IoT-based data analytics startup in the Hardware industry domain, working primarily with the manufacturing industries to improve their power consumption pattern along with automating all the related manual efforts.
We are a tech-first mindset startup trying to bring a lot of automation into the manufacturing industry by providing them with a real-time energy monitoring dashboard, threshold breach alerts, on the fly system audits.

Job Role (Software engineer Intern):

  • Developing core infrastructure in Python, Django, Javascript or React.

  • Building out new product features.

  • Take ownership and understand the need for code quality, elegance, and robust infrastructure

Skills and Qualification:

  • This is an internship position so don’t expect you to know much.

  • We would give you enough time to understand the infrastructure we use and contribute better.

  • We are looking for someone with a good understanding of python/javascript.

  • Someone who is hardworking and dedicated to asking questions.

  • Logical thinking

What we use

  • Python for IoT device infrastructure.

  • Django for our server.

  • Postgres to keep our data safe..

  • Docker to help us move fast without worrying about DevOps.

  • React to make those beautiful UI elements.

  • AWS, Gitlab for Infra.

  • New Relic, Sentry, etc for monitoring purposes.

What you can expect

  • Become a jack of all trades. We believe a developer should know things end to end and learn a new skill every 3 months. So you will get the opportunity to explore different tech stacks. 

  • Expect to learn DevOps, frontend, backend, IoT device code, etc all depending upon your interest.

  • We believe in automating anything which you are doing more than once manually. We have CI/CD pipelines setup for our services. Unit tests are mandatory for any code you write. Our codebase has 90+ % coverage and we want to keep it that way.

  • Flexible timelines, you will decide how much time you will take to finish the feature rather than anyone giving you deadlines.

  • Write a lot of documentation on how things are working

  • Potential to convert into a full-time opportunity

Why we are not a good fit for you?

  • You are not ready to learn new skills/frameworks/languages every 2 months.

  • You do not care about code quality and codebase.

  • You can sleep at night while knowing that you kept a bug in the last code push you made.

  • You care more about finishing the task assigned than learning and do it the proper way.

  • You don’t want to write documentation on the piece of code you have written/understood

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